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African Masks and Tribal Art | africanvariety.com
African masks, african tribal art african tribal masks, sculptures and figurines
african tribal art and african masks
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tribal masks from all over africa african masks, myths and legends

African Masks, Tribal Art and Sculptures

Gallery of authentic African masks, African tribal art and African myths and beliefs

Welcome to our gallery of African tribal masks. The small but diversified collection has been assembled over twenty years. Our African masks are the works of skilled craftsmen, created according to the requirements of tribal rules and customs, usually in the primitive conditions of a remote village. They have been used in actual ceremonies, tribal initiations and rituals, always accompanied by dance and very often with music played on traditional instruments. Each mask is designed to perform a specific function, but- from the art collector's point of view- the visual beauty is equally appreciated. We would like to share our understanding of African art and hope that the ancient beliefs and rituals will fascinate you even more now, when another "piece" of African spirit will occupy that special place in your home.

We present only some examples of our collection, so if you don’t find what you are looking for, please contact us, we may have it in our gallery. If not, we will try our best to get it for you. You are also welcome to visit our other pages, where you will find an almost complete list of all African tribes and their locations. Under African Myths & Beliefs, we will be presenting African myths and beliefs on an ongoing basis. Age cracks and wear and tear are the part of African art, which was always created to be used. These imperfections are considered typical and do not diminish the aesthetic or monetary value of any object of African art.

African tribal art, so very unique and exciting, is becoming more and more popular and is regarded by art lovers all over the world as one of the most sought after collectibles or gifts. We hope that you find something intriguing and interesting in our gallery that will not only please your eye but also will fit into your home or office collection.

African art revolves around the human body (faces - masks and the whole body - figures and statuettes) and life and shows human nature and human activities. Very often, however, in the shape of an animal mask. Human beings are shown in three stages of their existence: birth, life and death. All stages are portrayed in traditional African sculpture expressively but modestly - this adds that extra beauty to all items from the heart of Africa.

We are looking forward to serving you.


Tribes of Africa and their masks, contents:

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Tribal Mask - Introduction
The Magic of Tribal Masks
African Tinal Craftsman
The Shape and Color of African Masks
The Material of African Masks
The Ornamentation of African Masks
The Form of African Masks
The Celebration
African Myths & Beliefs
Animal African Masks- animals in African beliefs
Role of Animals in African Belifs
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